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Kylie is a Registered Psychologist with a depth of knowledge in supporting children, adolescents, and their parents from extensive experience as a school psychologist and educator. Kylie has a genuine interest in equipping young people and their parents with strategies and skills to help them navigate anxiety and mood disorders, academic stress, high achieving environments, perfectionism, social difficulties, low self-esteem, suicide ideation, emotional dysregulation, and sleep problems.

Kylie’s engaging, empathetic nature and compassionate approach help young people and their parents feel supported, valued and empowered to make positive changes. She is passionate about identifying a child’s unique strengths and working collaboratively with them to find solutions to the difficulties they are facing. Kylie integrates a range of evidence-based practices, including CBT, ACT, DBT and MI, to tailor a therapeutic approach to meet each child’s specific needs.

Sophie Smith, Clinic Director, September 2022

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