A new offering at TYMC relevant to those families with young people about to embark on their HSC year in a couple of short months with a cost effective prep course to help support your nearly year 12-er!

NEW Surviving Year 12 Course commencing Term 4 at TYMC

We know all too well what a challenging year the HSC can be for our young people as issues such as stress management, organisation and workload management and coping with perfectionism and procrastination can be become significant obstacles. We will be offering a limited participant 4 session live online group which covers all of the above. 

The total cost of these 4 group sessions in $440 inclusive of GST.) 

We do ask that prospective group members participate in an initial 1:1 assessment and goal setting session via zoom or in person at the clinic prior to the group starting to set the scene as well as a final “pull it all together” session to create a personalised plan to move forward with at the end of the group sessions. Booster and Reset sessions will be available throughout the HSC year as and when necessary.

(*Additional Fees apply to 1:1 sessions)

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