Spotlight Interview with Team Member: Maddie Fooks, Psychologist

How did you know you wanted to become a psychologist?

As early as Primary School I remember being the listener. I loved being the listener. I’ve always felt curious around why humans do what they do. I also just love that Psychology is (to me) equal parts Science and Art; so grounded in evidence and structure and yet infinitely creative and relational. 

What inspired you to work with young people?

I love that children are so beautifully authentic in their expression, and I love that teenagers demand authenticity from me. 

What is your typical therapy mode and why do you find it to be so helpful?

I would say my main mode of therapy is cognitive behavioural as I’m a very evidence-based person generally (I spend hours researching the best forks to buy) and CBT is grounded in decades worth of research. It is generally well suited to young people too as they allow for positive outcomes in a time-limited format. Another mode of therapy which I use is ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). I love the focus that ACT has on values; in pursuit of your values you will find meaning. My own values are my compass in life and I find that exploring this in session with clients can be immensely helpful. 

We all feel stressed sometimes, including psychologists! What helps you to manage your own stress?

Whilst I’m not an exercise enthusiast by nature (at all), I find that whether I like it or not exercising straight after work helps me declutter my mind. I love being at home with my diffuser on and low lights and scrolling through Pinterest for images or quotes that make me feel good! Music, podcasts and TV are all on my self-care carousel as well! I’m also in a social media detox right now as I was feeling flooded by information. 

If you could have given your teenage self ay advice – what would you have said?

It will sound so ‘Psychology’ of me, but slow down and be mindful. I wish I had some more concrete memories of adolescence and I think this is because I was flying through on autopilot most of the time. Just slow down and file away some feelings, experiences and people. 

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