What does therapy look like?

Therapy at different ages and stages:

We can offer therapy for a range of presenting issues. Therapy is tailored to individuals depending on the age and situation. Younger children (< 7 years) may benefit from intervention facilitated through their parents.

Your psychologist may guide you through the process of helping your child to gain the skills they need. As children get older and their logical reasoning develops, they may benefit from collaborating with the therapy process. Generally parents still have a good deal of involvement in therapy at this stage (depending on the situation) as parents help their child to generalise the skills learnt in therapy in their real world at home, school and other activities as well as with other family members.

There is generally a shift as children approach adolescence, where the therapy process becomes more ‘individual’ and generally it is helpful for parents to step back a little. There are still opportunities for parent involvement and feedback, however psychologists become more guided by the adolescent’s need for confidentiality to confidently explore issues they have found it difficult to deal with in their normal life (excepting situations of potential significant harm).

Sophie Smith, Clinic Director, August 2019

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